Computer Forensics - The science of recovery and analysis of digital information.

The term 'Computer Forensics' encompasses any device capable of storing digital data. This includes computers, laptops, enterprise servers, cell phones, tablets, thumb drives, optical storage (CD/DVD/BluRay), cameras, SD cards, etc.

A capable examiner can analyze a device for malware, recover lost or deleted data, determine how and when a device was used, bypass passwords, decrypt password-protected files, report on active and deleted Internet history, recover chats from social media, restore and recover data from formatted or drives that have been re-partitioned and a multitude of other scenarios.

That's where a forensic examiner comes in. With the proper tools, training and experience, an examiner can not only locate and recover lost or deleted data, but also interpret and decipher data that does still exist. The questions of who, what, where, when and why are answered by the trained forensic examiner.

It's absolutely essential that you enlist the services of trained and certified examiners for your cases. Finding the data is relatively easy for even the most rudimentary trained examiner. Where your case will suffer is in the process and documentation that the inexperienced examiner will provide. Credibility is what sets a believable examiner apart from one that will confuse and frustrate a panel of reviewers.

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