Level 1 - Forensic Examination

Cases where the findings are anticipated being used in court as evidence.

Evidence is located and documented using established, court accepted processes and procedures.

Only licensed Private Investigators or Attorneys may request a Level 1 Forensic Examinaton.


  • Complete Forensic examination.
  • Court-ready documentation.
  • Media duplication for examination.
  • Media duplication for discovery.
  • Chain of custody logs.
  • Secure storage of media.
  • Comprehensive report.

Billed hourly at $150 per hour with a $1500 non-refundable retainer. The retainer will be applied toward the hourly fee until the balance of the retainer is exhausted at which time D-Tech will continue billing the client bi-weekly until the services are complete.

A Level 1 Forensic examination does not include expenses or court appearances.

Court appearances are billed at $200 per hour, 2 hour minimum.

'On-Call' court is billed at a 2-hour-per-day minimum.

Expenses are billed at actual costs.

Please review our contract for additional billing details.

Level 2 - Forensic Examination -

Cases where the findings are not being used as evidence in legal proceedings.
Proper procedures are utilized. Typically used for informational cases and fact finding examinations. Internet histories, email recovery, location of hidden and password protected files, etc.


  • Complete Forensic examination.
  • Media dupication for examination (not retained).
  • Secure storage of media.
  • Comprehensive report.
  • Recommendations for computer safety and security.

Billed at a flat rate of $899 per case with a 2 device maximum. Contact us if you have a need for additional computers or devices.

Level 3 - Data Recovery - $399.00 (per device)

If no data is recovered, all fees will be refunded minus a $49 fee to cover expenses.

Cases where data is lost or deleted and it's recovery is desired.


  • Media duplication for examination.
  • Recovery of lost or deleted files.
  • Location and recovery of documents, images, videos, etc.
  • Restoration of deleted/formatted drives, partitions and folders.

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