Preparing and Shipping Forensic Evidence

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If you are unable to complete any of the following steps, please take you computer to a dealer, IT department or reputable repair facility and have them complete the steps outlined below. Or you can call us and we'd be happy to walk you through it.

Prior to shipping any drives or computers, ensure that the proper forms and documents are included with the devices. You MUST have the following documents with your hardware:

All computers require padding and shock resistance when packed and shipped. The more foam or peanuts, the better. DO NOT USE NEWSPAPER. When shipping a bare hard drive, you must have at least 2 inches of shock absorbing material surrounding the drive.

Sending a complete computer -

1) If the computer is running, DO NOT TURN IT OFF. Remove the power cord from the back of the computer to power it down.

2) Disconnect all cables from the rear of the computer. If you anticipate using your findings in court, please take photographs of the computer prior to making any modifications or removing cables.

3) Place the computer in a suitably sized heavy gauge cardboard box with sufficient padding to prevent damage and ship it to us.

Sending a bare hard drive -

(Follow steps 1 and 2 from above first)

1) Remove the hard drive from the computer. This is usually accomplished by removing screws from the back of the case, removing the case cover, locating the hard drive, disconnecting the cables, removing the mounting screws and removing the drive. It's not always that simple though. Some cases and drive carriers are more difficult than others. If you are not able to remove the drive, please take the computer to a reputable repair facility and ask them to remove the drive for you.

2) Place the drive in an anti-static bag.

3) Pack the drive in a heavy gauge cardboard box with at least 2 inches of shock absorbing material surrounding the drive. Peanuts and newspaper are NOT sufficient for this purpose. You must use actual foam cut to size or shipping containers specifically designed for hard drives.

4) Ship the drive to us.

Sending Devices other than computers or hard drives -

1) When sending CD's, DVD's, floppy disks, flash memory devices, etc., please pack them appropriately to avoid damage. You must ship these items in rigid, heavy guage cardboard boxes, NO ENVELOPES.

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